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Levaquin side effects

Levaquin is an antibiotic, which is used for treatment of bacterial infections in different forms. The principle of operation Levaquin is in stopping the growth of bacteria. But be careful: overuse of any antibiotic can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of its actions

Levaquin should be taken of oral sex. You can take Levaquin with, without food or, as it is prescribed by a doctor. You need to drink a lot of liquids, in the period of treatment with this medicine, unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. You should take Levaquin, at least within 2 hours after the adoption of or for 2 hours before taking any drugs, which contain magnesium, calcium and aluminum. These medications bind with Levaquin 750 mg and preventing its full absorption. You should take Levaquin with equal intervals of time, for you to maintain a constant level of medication in the blood. If you stop taking the Levaquin 750 mg too early, this may lead to sharp growth of bacteria; the result can be a relapse of the infection. You should inform the doctor if your General health will not improve. Ask your primary care specialist to answer all the questions that you have or will arise in the future.

LEVAQUIN side effects:

You may have: diarrhea, loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia and headaches. Urgently inform the doctor, in the case of acute or worsening of any Levaquin side effects.

Use of Levaquin lawsuit in the course of long-term or repeated breach of the terms, can lead to the fact that there will be a vaginal or оральная new infection – yeast. If you notice that you have white patches in your mouth, a change in vaginal discharge as well as other symptoms, inform these cases, your doctor. Levaquin 750 mg can sometimes cause damage tendon (the tendon rupture, tendinitis). If you are experiencing muscle and tendon pain or you have any swelling, then immediately stop taking Levaquin and refer to a specialist. Levaquin sometimes becomes cause of acute intestinal condition that is caused by resistant bacteria. Such a situation might arise in the period of adoption of Levaquin lawsuit or even within 7 days after the end of your treatment. Do not use reinforcement drugs or narcotic drugs of pain, because these products are very likely to worsen your condition.

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Inform your attending specialist if you experience even those Levaquin side effects not listed above. Remember that you have been prescribed Levaquin as your doctor has considered, the use of it for you much more than the danger that there will be by-effects. Many people who take Levaquin 750 mg not have serious side effects. The Levaquin dosage is determined by nature and the severity of infection and the sensitivity of the alleged causative agent. It is necessary to avoid simultaneous use of Levaquin and alcohol. Levaquin is not used with other counterparts of this drug. Levaquin prescribed for your current condition. Don’t use it for the treatment of other infections. Medical tests (e.g., renal function and the blood), must give up periodically, so that your doctor can monitor the results of treatment and quickly identify side effects. Consult qualified doctor for a more complete your information. Symptoms of overdose Levaquin excretion occurs at the level of the Central nervous system (if you feel confusion, dizziness, seizures, convulsions or disturbance of consciousness urgently refer to a specialist). In addition, there can be disorder in the gastro-intestinal tract (e.g., nausea), as well as lesions of the mucous membranes; lengthening of the QT interval (this is shown in experimental studies with the use of doses that exceed therapeutic).

What is the basis of the Levaquin lawsuit?

The Levaquin lawsuit is based upon the drug company’s failure to adequately warn the public of the risks associated with Levaquin use. Levaquin has been found to cause rupture of the achilles tendon, especially in older people and especially when Levaquin is used with steroids. If you took Levaquin and suffered a rupture of your achilles tendon, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The first Levaquin trial resulted in a verdict of $1.7 Million including punitive damages.

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Who can join the Levaquin lawsuit?

If you took Levaquin and suffered a rupture of your achiles tendon, you may be qualified to join the Levaquin lawsuit. Other factors may be considered in determining if you will be allowed to join, but it is best to contact an attorney handling Levaquin cases to have your case reviewed and investigated. Lawyers in our office offer a free case evaluation. Please contact us at 1-888-604-3438 or by completing the confidential free case evaluation form to the right. Keep in mind that statutes of limitations apply and can bar your case from being heard if you do not file your case within the legal time limit. So it is best to contact a Levaquin attorney to have your lawsuit reviewed as soon as possible.

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